Example prices are for windows without A/C units, child gates, stoppers and broken mechanisms.

Storm windows or city quiet windows are counted as an additional window. Additional charges may also apply if the glass in your windows requires the removal of glue and/or requires the scraping of paint from the window panes. Oxidation removal (acid/chemical cleaning) is not included

If you are a commercial building manager, a retail store owner, a restaurant owner, an apartment building or hotel manager or a homeowner, or anyone who needs a window cleaning service, call us now. We guarantee that our price will be the best for what you need. Bring us a verified lower price and we will meet or beat it. We want to be your full service window cleaners.

For residential pricing we use the following guidelines:

There are three tiers of pricing which are initial cleaning, regular pricing and post construction pricing.

  • On average we charge $12-15 for double hung, one over one windows for regular wash up to 2.5’ x 5’. Multiple panes slightly higher.

  • The average is $8-12 for single casement or sliders for regular wash up to 2.5’ x 5’. Multiple panes slightly higher.

  • For prices of different windows call us at 800-640-1609

    We are not only New York window cleaners for both commercial and residential we also clean chandeliers and mirrors. There is no job that is too large and there is none too small. From a skyscraper to a newsstand, we do it all and do it well. Your 100 percent satisfaction is our goal and we will not consider a job complete until we have achieved that goal.
    We provide window cleaning in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, northern and central New Jersey, southeastern New York and southwestern Connecticut.

    For High-rise, ladder or bucket truck quotes please call 800-640-1609

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