Why Choose Us

Customers are always looking for someone to deal with who are close to their way of thinking, working and spending. At Crystal Rain Window Cleaning Company, our team undertakes every window cleaning job with utmost sincerity and dedication that results in 100% customer satisfaction. This allows us to be chosen repeatedly and provide helpful referrals to other prospective clients.


  • Our endeavor is to give you a 100% efficient job well done and we won’t stop until you are truly satisfied.

  • Prompt:

  • When we commit a time to you, we stick to it.

  • Safety:

  • We employ highly motivated people for our window cleaning jobs and give them special training on doing their job with precision and safety. This calls for training in OSHA guidelines and International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA) safety guidelines. We remain committed to constantly monitoring, reviewing and updating our window cleaning methods to reduce any dangers that might arise from the risky job.

  • Excellent value:

  • Our excellent window cleaning services are the best value for your money.

  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded:

  • For the protection of our employees and our customers, we have invested in a general liability policy, a protective bond policy and a workers’ compensation policy for our team. This not only provides adequate safety to our crew members, but also reduces overheads on the customers.

  • We protect your property:

  • When we undertake any window cleaning job, we ensure that we cause no damage to our customer’s property or his valuables, whether at home or office. At the same time we do an effective and productive window cleaning work. Towards this, we wear a special pair of booties over our regular footwear so that we don’t dirty your flooring. We also use ladder pads and stabilizers so that we don’t damage your home or your garden.

  • Good client retention:

  • We build long-term client relationships and have an excellent retention rate because of our high quality service right through the year.

  • Updated technology and solutions:

  • We constantly update our knowledge of cleaning methods, technology and equipment. This allows us to provide effective cleaning service and prompt a recall when you need window cleaning services in the future.

  • Eco friendly:

  • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and ethical practices to deliver the highest quality window cleaning standards. Use of professional grade cleaning materials that not only help do a spotless job but also protect your windows and glass fixtures from unnecessary harm.

  • Flexible:

  • We offer our clients window cleaning methods and services to suit their individual requirements. And no, we aren’t rigid about doing it all our way.

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